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Thank God I Do bracelet

Thank God I Do bracelet

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Paperclip chain combined with common opal stones and opalescent crystals make this bracelet one of the centerpieces of our Celebrations collection.

Pair it with the Vision necklace and earrings to complete your look.

6 3/4 - 7 3/4 inches.

Jason Butler with Healthy Spaces is sponsoring this bracelet to celebrate 20 years of marriage to his wife Lisa. They met at Disney World as interns and continued with a long distance, year long relationship while they finished college. The first time he saw her, he thought, "I'm going to marry her."  3 to 4 times a week, he sent something to her in the mail, and when they were reunited, the postmaster wanted to meet them! 

Ten years ago, Jason became very sick while traveling overseas.  Insane levels of pain put him on disability while he recovered. She not only stood beside him, but also had to shoulder the full weight of the household and family.  Now he says they can laugh about it, but it truly drew them closer.

He understands how vital a healthy living environment is, after experiencing a serious illness himself. With his role at Healthy Spaces, he  helps others create and maintain a healthy home.

We proudly recommend Jason and Healthy Spaces and thank him for his sponsorship! To contact him: or (812) 618-7584. 

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