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Kylie’s Dream bracelet

Kylie’s Dream bracelet

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Kylie's Dream Bracelet adds a touch of elegant, understated style to any outfit. Crafted with white marbled howlite and silver beads, this stretch bracelet is designed to be comfortable and chic.

6 3/4 inches. Pair it with the Flame bracelet for an incredible arm party!

Helen Schoenemann funded the wages & labor expenses for these Kylie's Dream bracelets--named in honor of her granddaughter, a nursing student currently studying at Michigan State University. High school for her and many in her generation was disrupted by Covid shutdowns and cancelations, plus two active shooter events during her academic career. Kylie's dream is one of normalcy; Helen prays for this future generation. We join her in standing with Kylie and those like her, thanking Helen for her support of Alegria in memory of her dream.

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