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Friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelet

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Telling the story of Alegria in a stunning crystal, gold and letter bead 5 strand bracelet stack!

Faith - the name of the children's home that our founder's parents helped to open and directed in 1998.  Faith Home - the place our artisans grew up in safety and love.

Hope - that there would be a provision for adulthood for the young women who aged out of Faith Home. Believing and trusting in a God who makes a way!

Joy - the name of our company in Spanish! Creating joyful jewelry for our Joy-Creators and Joy-Partners that in turn create joyful jobs for our artisans.

The three word bracelets feature white acrylic beads with gold lettering and a pattern of gold spacer beads and crystals in hues of pale pink, silver, lavender and champaign.

Two crystal bracelets continue the pattern of gold spacer beads and crystals, while one has a surprise freshwater pearl!

5 stretch bracelets 6 3/4 inches.

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