Sunrise and Rain

Sunrise and Rain

Both are needed for life and growth.  And oh how they change the environment around our beautiful Honduras where our Artisans are working so hard to create new joyful pieces for you!

Sunrise happens so quickly in the mountains.  One minute it is black, and then the sky begins to lighten, and in one brilliant second, the sun pops over the top of the mountain flooding the day with it's warmth and light!

That was the inspiration for our Sunrise Necklace - that second where everything changes!

And also necessary is the cool rain that waters that sun-drenched earth and makes everything green and lush.  But it has a different effect on the mountains.  The clouds settle in and cover up those peaks as they rain down that needed water.

Even as the clouds obscure the view of those glorious mountains, they still majestically stand towering over the now watered hills.  The soaking rain that is beautiful in its own unique way inspired our Rain Earrings.

As you wear these trendy and lovely pieces, look in the mirror and know you will have days of Sunrise and days of Rain, as do our beautiful Alegria Artisans that made them for you.  But the love that sustains us in both can be felt in these amazing pieces!

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