Blessing Summer 2021

Blessings Inspiration

A heart of thankfulness, a joy-filled smile - always the greeting as the day begins at Alegria Accessories Honduras! "Thanks Lord!" rolls off tongue.

Our Artisans are so grateful for you, our Joy-Creators that shop and provide these amazing jobs.  A safe environment and a good wage - it's not easy to find for women, especially mothers.  But Alegria is starting to make a huge difference in this.

As you shop the new Blessing Collection (our very first Summer collection!), you can remember what you are doing a thousand miles away!

Aurora (necklace & earrings) is Erika's daughter who gets to spend more time with her mom, have a roof over her head and food on her table because of you!  And Austin (necklace & earrings), her big brother has access to education, and learning to speak fluent English, which opens many opportunities for him!

Erika said her biggest blessing is her little Family.  And just for fun, Lilac is her favorite color.

Can you see her creativity? Her joy? And her gratefulness for her blessings flowing out of these pieces?  YES!

So thank you for BEING a blessing by shopping the Alegria Blessing Summer Collection!


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