Two unlikely paths - 1 joyful legacy

Two unlikely paths - 1 joyful legacy

The same year (1998) that I joined a direct sales jewelry company, my parents left for Honduras to open and run a home for orphaned and abandoned children.ย  Paths crossed and stories intertwined over the years through letters, visits, dinner table conversations, but never in collaboration.

Until 2020, and the heart-breaking announcement of the permanent closure of my jewelry company, and a middle of the night email and early morning phone call.

"Dad, you've been telling me the hardships of the young women that have grown up at Faith Home, but can't find good jobs or opportunities to sustain themselves as adults.ย  What if I started a small jewelry company there so they could hand-make unique fashion jewelry and I could bring it back to the US to sell to my faithful customers that have accessorized with me for over 2 decades?"

And that middle of the night email, it resulted in the 'seed' components to make our Spring 2021 Premier collection!

So here we are, February 14th, 2021 - Alegria Accessories is live and ready to create joy through unique handcrafted accessories that will allow YOU to tell our story and share the opportunities for empowerment through the creation and making of our collections.

Thank you for being a Joy-Sharer!

Sarah, chief Joy officer

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