Meet our 2 new artisans!

Meet our 2 new artisans!

On March 2nd, Jazmin and Kidian started their training at Alegria! As with all of our artisans, they grew up at Faith Home and are now transitioned out as young adults. And we are THRILLED to welcome them to our Alegria family!

Our dream is the day when every woman from Faith Home that wants a job at Alegria, can have one, and this month we are now 5 women strong towards this goal.

Jazmin and Kidian are working part-time now, but as we continue to partner with more boutiques and stores, and our Joy-Creators keep sharing our story and jewelry so our personal sales stay strong, we will be able to offer them a full-time contract.

Thanks be to God for His goodness to us and for the 5 women who have taken a leap of faith to start a job at Alegria. And are blessing us with their talents in creating joyful jewelry! As they are blessed with a job with generous wages in a safe environment.

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